Spending your Money Box

Spending Your Money Box

Wondering how you can spend your Money Box once you have collected all of your contributions? Candystick offers two options – cashing out via bank transfer, and spending at one or more of partner stores. Depending on how you are using your Money Box, you may choose to do a cash out (at a small fee), or you could choose a super cool gift from one of our partner stores, which currently include a well-known online wine merchant, a funky gift store, a leading spa and one of the country’s top online florists.

Keep reading to find out more about spending your online money box after your contributions have been collected.

Cashing Out Your Money Box

The first option on hand is to cash out directly to your bank account, via an online transfer. With this option, we charge a nominal fee that is deducted for banking transactions (don’t worry – it will never be a big cost). If you are collecting contribution to raise cold, hard cash for shared costs like a group holiday, party or even shared bills, this option will likely be the simplest for you.

Using Your Money Box at Our Partner Stores

The second option is one that we are sure you will enjoy, and that is spending your Money Box at one of our truly awesome partner stores. With many new exciting partner deals planned for the future, this selection gives you plenty of variety when it comes to cool goodies. In the meantime, here’s a quick snapshot at what our current partners have to offer…

  • HappyGifts – here you will find a huge selection of quirky, original gifts sourced all over the world. From gift to gadgets and other unusual items, this store has it all.


  • Norman Goodfellows – this long-standing wine and spirits merchant offers a massive range of drinks, party services and gift for those with discerning tastes.


  • Africology – offering a wide selection of pampering products, this is where you will be able to indulge your senses with the help of South Africa’s leading eco-friendly and holistic spa and skincare company.


  • flowers.co.za – from flowers to gift baskets and many other gift ideas, this is one of the top online flower and gifting stores in the country, with nationwide delivery and a vast selection of products.

So, there you have it – spending your Money Box is not only simple, but fun too… especially once you see just how many cool things are found at our partner stores!

Budgeting for a Group Holiday

Budgeting for a group holiday can be a real headache, but with the help of an online money collection box such as Candystick, the process can be made far simpler all round.

Whether you are planning a weekend away with a few buddies, or a longer trip somewhere further afield with a handful of your closet friends and family, group holidays can get expensive when budgets are not set and adhered to early in the planning stages. In fact, forgoing the planning stage is one of the quickest ways to add stress to the proceedings. And let’s face it – stress is one thing that should never be allowed when it comes to holidays!

Group Holiday Budgets Made Simple

To help you make sure that your holiday is all about relaxation and fun rather than quibbles over who was meant to pay for what, here are a few tips to keep in mind…

  1. Be clear on all costs involved in the holiday. Transport costs, petrol costs (if you’re driving), accommodation costs, food costs and any other costs that you may encounter during the trip. If there are any activity or entertainment costs, add those to the overall cost breakdown, too.


  1. Determine which costs are shared, and which are not. You can split the costs of accommodation, petrol, food and housekeeping, but each person will have to be responsible for their own airfare and activities, to use an example.


  1. Combine these costs to work out an estimate for each person. This should include any and all costs – a portion of the full cost for shared expenses, and the full cost for non-shared expenses.


  1. Use an online money collection tool to collect monies required upfront. This will make things a lot easier – especially for expenses such as accommodation that require a portion of the full amount to secure the rental.


  1. Set deadlines for costs, and stick to them. Tools like Candystick offer features that allow you to send reminders as well as personalised messages, which will make it easier to keep track of contributions without having to run around following up on who still owes their share.

Once the planning stage is underway, and contributions are getting sorted, you will be able to get on with the fun part of organising a group holiday… daydreaming about being able to get your chill on somewhere far from everyday life, responsibilities and work.

Have you used Candystick to plan a group holiday? Tell us how you go about budgeting for group trips in the comments below and let us know your top tips!

How to Plan a Farewell Party

As you most probably know by now, Candystick can be used for all sorts of things, from farewell parties to group gifting, group holidays, shared bills and many, many other purposes. In the case of planning for a farewell party, this handy online money box offers a fuss-free way to organise a group party with shared costs, without giving you added stress during the party planning process.

In most cases, farewell bashes are planned for friends and/or family members by other friends and/or family members. Getting together to plan a send-off for someone special is a great way to let that special someone know how much they are valued. Depending on how big you plan to go however, it can work out on the costly side when you’re fronting the whole thing on your own. This is where the power of group planning comes in…

By planning and funding the bash as a group, you will be able to split the costs, and even ensure a bigger and better bash than you could possibly have achieved on your own.

How do you get things going, and what should you know about group budgeting for a farewell?

Planning and Budgeting for a Farewell Party

Without further ado, Candystick brings you some super helpful tips on how to plan for a group party…

  • Choose a venue. Your favourite pub, your mom’s garage, that fancy hotel in town, the party boy/girl’s favourite spot… whatever you choose, find out what costs (if any) are involved in hiring the venue and make a booking for the designated party date.


  • Choose a theme. You don’t have to go full out costume party, of course, but having some sort of vague theme will help you create invites and get a bit of ambience going. Mate heading off to London? Have a British style quiz night party. Sister off to Japan? Consider a sushi and cocktail evening.


  • Make a guest list and send out invites. Invite anyone and everyone you like, but make sure that they are known to the person you’re throwing the party for (this sounds obvious, but it has to be said). Make sure that you send out invites well in advance so that you can confirm booking numbers ahead of time.


  • Work out a cost-breakdown. Include all costs involved – venue, catering, booze, entertainment, invites and anything else that is relevant. Using that total, work out a cost for each person involved with the planning of the party.


  • Create a Money Box and collect contributions. This is hands down the easiest way to collect contributions without major headaches. Set reminders, create personalised messages and send out invitations to contributors quickly and simply. Once you have all the contributions you need, you can cash out and use the money for party planning.


How you get the traveller of the hour to the party is up to you. It can be a surprise bash, or less of a surprise. Create a ruse; invite him or her directly. However you get the party boy or girl there, you can be sure that your planning and budgeting has paid off… especially once the party gets going.

Just imagine… back in the days of old before clever tools such as online money collection boxes, you would have had to phone around and collect contributions manually! Isn’t technology wonderful? We certainly think so.

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