Spending your Money Box

Spending Your Money Box

Wondering how you can spend your Money Box once you have collected all of your contributions? Candystick offers two options – cashing out via bank transfer, and spending at one or more of partner stores. Depending on how you are using your Money Box, you may choose to do a cash out (at a small fee), or you could choose a super cool gift from one of our partner stores, which currently include a well-known online wine merchant, a funky gift store, a leading spa and one of the country’s top online florists.v

Keep reading to find out more about spending your online money box after your contributions have been collected.

Cashing Out Your Money Box

The first option on hand is to cash out directly to your bank account, via an online transfer. With this option, we charge a nominal fee (5.5%) that is deducted for banking transactions (don’t worry – it will never be a big cost). If you are collecting contribution to raise cold, hard cash for shared costs like a group holiday, party or even shared bills, this option will likely be the simplest for you.

Using Your Money Box at Our Partner Stores

The second option is one that we are sure you will enjoy, and that is spending your Money Box at one of our truly awesome partner stores. With many new exciting partner deals planned for the future, this selection gives you plenty of variety when it comes to cool goodies. In the meantime, here’s a quick snapshot at what our current partners have to offer…

  • HappyGifts – here you will find a huge selection of quirky, original gifts sourced all over the world. From gift to gadgets and other unusual items, this store has it all.
  • Norman Goodfellows – this long-standing wine and spirits merchant offers a massive range of drinks, party services and gift for those with discerning tastes.
  • Africology – offering a wide selection of pampering products, this is where you will be able to indulge your senses with the help of South Africa’s leading eco-friendly and holistic spa and skincare company.
  • flowers.co.za – from flowers to gift baskets and many other gift ideas, this is one of the top online flower and gifting stores in the country, with nationwide delivery and a vast selection of products.

So, there you have it – spending your Money Box is not only simple, but fun too… especially once you see just how many cool things are found at our partner stores!

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