Tips to create the perfect moneybox

Tips to create a successful moneybox and crowdfunding campaign on

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Before creating your money box 

  • Make sure to download a nice picture of yourself on your Candystick profile. The potential contributors will relate more easily to you and your collection of money, if they see who is organizing the moneybox 

When creating your moneybox

  • Depending on the purpose for your moneybox, consider opening it to the public. This way your cause or collection will receive more publicity and you can share it to thousands of fans in social communities.

Tips to personalise a successful moneybox on

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When personalising your moneybox

  • Choose to download a high quality picture that is the most relevant to your collection as possible. High quality photos with bright and powerful images will attract potential contributions. 
  • Take time writing your moneybox description. Keep it simple and to the point but be sure to let people know more about your collection. Be sure to spell check. Use links to your charity page or other references to help other users find what your moneybox is all about.
  • In your moneybox description, don’t forget to ask your potential contributors to share on social media after they have contributed to your moneybox, especially for charities, causes and projects. Your family and friends are the best way to get the word out there and encourage them to share with their friends too!
  • When you have finished creating your moneybox, you can revisit the page as many times as you want to make edits and check on your fundraising.

Tips to market a successful moneybox on

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When marketing your moneybox

The success of your moneybox depends on you. The more you share the more your colleagues, friends and family will donate.

Let everyone know! Announce your moneybox on social media with just one click of a button:

  • Post on Facebook or Twitter directly from the Candystick website. In addition, from your mobile phone, you can write a message instantly on WhatsApp.
  • Send a direct message on Facebook’s messenger from our site

Send emails to your contacts inviting them to contribute to your platform:

  • Use the link provided by candystick and send directly from you own email platform
  • Alternatively use direct email invites to share your moneybox. Be sure that email addresses are correct. Remember to press ‘enter’ after each email address or you can ‘copy and paste’ a list of email addresses from an Excel spreadsheet.
  • When you have finished marketing your moneybox, you can revisit the page as often as you want to share it again, add more invites or send reminders to your email contacts to promote your collection.

Our support staff is available, from 7am to 9pm on weekdays and 9am to 1pm on the weekend, with any queries you should have.

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