Candystick Donation Methods

Hi There!

I trust that you have had no problems creating and marketing your crowd-funding campaign and that all your efforts has or is paying off. This means you’re well on your to reaching your target goal!


With regards to contributions through your moneybox and candystick link – we accept two methods. Firstly, we support credit card donations. A credit card, would need to be registered for 3D secure code authorization with their issuing financial institution. This is because Candystick employs strict 3D security through it’s platform, and a card (such as debit cards) will not at all be able to make a successful donation. :(

Such contributors may then make use of  the Instant EFT option. Instant EFT is a form of instant payment,  where once submitting the amount you wish to contribute, you will be taken to the landing page where you select which bank you bank with. Please note, only South African bank accounts are allowed at this point. This is hosted with by our service provider, and is completely secure. Once confirming and authorizing the payment, you will receive confirmation that this was successful.

VERY IMPORTANT, please refrain from making a manual EFT donations. That is because manual EFT payments will not be allocated to a specific moneybox as donations will only be allocated through the link provided.

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