4 Most Popular Wedding Gifts

Planning a wedding is already an absorbing task which gets more complicated when you have to think about the gift registry. To make your life easier, here are the 4 most popular gifts that make for happy brides and grooms.

Wedding Gift Idea #1 : Travel the world


Wedding goes with honeymoon! Which couple doesn’t want the perfect travel to its dream destination? Just a few days after festivities or several weeks later, it is the perfect way to relax, release tension of the long preparations and have an intimate good time.

For most couples, honeymoon means an exotic and heavenly place with beaches, sun and a turquoise sea stretching as far as the eye can see. Mauritius, the Maldives, Seychelles and Bali are the favorite destinations this year. Some others prefer originality like a cruise which allows to discover different countries in one trip – oh the cosiness of the cabin – or going on a safari to enjoy Africa’s raw beauty.

For most travelers’ weddings, an original gift is a map of the world on which they can pin all the places where they have been… starting with an unforgettable honeymoon!

Wedding Gift Idea #2 : Appreciate a good wine


A great bottle of wine is always a pleasant gift which will especially delight the most refined palates. Red, white, rosé, Champagne, Wines for all occasions can be purchased from our partner Norman Goodfellows. For a wedding, special bottle gift set exist assigning to each bottle a special occasion for the steps that the couple will leave like first Valentine’s Day, First Baby and First Anniversary.

For the inexperienced in the field, oenology courses can be a great experience. It will help them to better appreciate your next gifts. On the contrary, for the wine lovers, why not buy them a subscription to let them receive regularly a bottle of wine? They will be able to taste them at home and this gift will remind them their wedding day.

Wedding Gift Idea #3 : Convert their home


A wedding is an important step in a couple’s life which can also go hand in hand with a new place. So, it is a wonderful opportunity to create the perfect cosy home. From the furniture to the ornaments including household electrical goods and the crockery, these gifts as well as please the happy couple will also be useful in their new everyday life.

Even if the toaster, waffle iron and crystal vase can be a perfect present, the food processor remains one of the most popular gifts for many couples (probably in a hurry to invite their close relations after the wedding)!

To bring a personal touch to these kind of wedding gifts, it is trendy to opt for individualized household linen. Towels marked with the initials of the couple or bathrobes embroidered with the names of the newlywed will last a lifetime and go with them every day.

Wedding Gift Idea #4 : Live new experiences


Many couples love to try new experiences in duo. These gateways are special times of sharing for the new couple. According to their taste and wishes, some will enjoy cooking lesson cycle, whereas more adventurous one will prefer to go skydiving or maybe go shark cage diving.

For the art lovers, an original and surprising gift can be a subscription to one or several museums around their home. For sport lovers, a season ticket to support their favourite team is also an ideal present.

For your wedding and especially your gift registry, don’t wait any longer and create your own Money Box!

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