3 Success Stories from the Township

It is never easy to create its own business, especially for people living in the Township. However, there is no shortage of ideas in the Township. But ideas just need a little help to turn into profit-generating and job-creating companies. The answer is often found in fundraising. Discover 3 success stories from South African Townships of people who were right to believe that they can change things.

Success Story #1: DryBath



Ludwick Marishane is a native of Motetema to the North-East of Johannesburg who created “DryBath“. It is an antiseptic and moisturizing that can be used like a hydroalcoholic solution for hands, but with a more pleasant smell. It offers, to people living with a limited access to clean water, to have a wash and so a better hygiene and quality of life.

This new kind of soap is very useful as today, more than 2.5 billion people do not have access to clean water including 5 millions people in South Africa. The idea of the young entrepreneur also interested other customers like airlines, festival organizers and governments for soldiers in the field.

The DryBath saw the day in 2009 but had difficult beginnings. Indeed, to make its idea a reality, Ludwick Marishane looked for funds from charity organizations. Unfortunately, they didn’t believe in his project and thought that the former business student was too young. By dint of effort and persuasion, he finally convinced two companies to take part in his project and make his idea a reality.

Success Story #2: Ziyahlanjwa Laundry Services



It is in 2010 that the story of Sivu Mongo begins, when she created the Ziyahlanjwa Laundry Services with her husband in Khayelisha (Cape Town). Ziyahlanjwa means “they are being washed” in Xhosa. This business results from the detection of a need for service in the Township: a convenient and affordable place where people could drop off and get back their laundry without the risk of theft.

Sivu Mongo started her company with just a second-hand washing machine that she had to repair very often. The capital was a problem at the beginning, and she spent 3 years without making profits whereas she had many customers everyday. It is thanks to a grant funding from the Department of Economic Development that her company grows. To complete successfully her project, Sivu Mongo also took small business management lessons at the University of Stellenbosch.

Today, Sivu Mango employs 8 people and is about to open a second branch. In the future, she would like to continue to develop her business to create more jobs and fight against poverty.

Success Story #3: Mzoli’s



Located in the Township of Gugulethu (Cape Town), Mzoli’s Place is well-known by local people and tourists. This typical South African Braai hosts a lot of people, especially during weekends. It has a friendly atmosphere with most of the time a live music band in the background.

The story of this place started in 2003, when Mzoli Ngcawuzele was selling meat informally in a garage of Gugulethu. Thanks to word of mouth, the place became more and more famous to be the popular place we know. If that success story has been possible it is also thanks to the support of the start-up fund from the Development Bank of South Africa.

Succeeding when you are an entrepreneur is hard, but even more when you come from the Township. Besides, it is often the fundraising that represents the major obstacle. Thanks to CandyStick, you can help them to achieve their goal, launching their business and creating jobs in the Township.

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