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Bold and bonkers crowdfunding campaigns

These crowdfunding projects turned into unexpected success, raising thousands for fun and quirky ideas. 

770,000 rand worth of potato salad 

strange crowdfunding campaigns

A simple guy just wanted to make an little dish of potato salad. With a hilariously serious video boasting some excellent editing skills and sound engineering, Zach Danger Brown went to Kickstarter to ask for a total of just $10 dollars. The internet rallied into action! The people of crowdfunding ran away with his request for a regular meal and funded him $55,000 USD for the best potato salad of his life.

Check out the original crowdfunding campaign: click here.


Crowdfunding for counting squirrels

strange crowdfunding campaigns

According to Tech Crunch, a group of wild scientists came together to take facts and figures on the local squirrel population of Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. Backers supported the crowdfunding campaign for over R400,000!

Check out the original crowdfunding campaign: click here.


Kitchenware for combat 

crowfunding for combat kitchen ware

Another brilliant necessity that ended up funding well over 1,000,000 rand are kitchen pans with rugged medieval designed handles. Designed well, with a firm grip and pride, Combat Kitchen had over 600 of the coolest kitchen nerds across the globe.

Check out the original crowdfunding campaign: click here.


The most amazing cat calendar 

cat calendar

Over 1000 people backed a calendar that was promised to be The World’s Most Super Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar. A yearly project that’s been running for 6 years, pooled together their funds from the community to make this small business come to life.  Run by Kate Funk and Brennan Groh every month is full of surprises.

Check out the original crowdfunding campaign: click here.


Griz Coat 

crowdfunding griz coat

There is a niche for everything even a coat that’s designed to make you look like a grizzly bear. Ultra soft, ultra warm, and ultra impractical but uber cool, the well designed bear coat is meant for all occasions. Selling out and even moving onto different bear styles, goes to show that if  Buffoonery Factory LLC can crowdfund for a project like this you can take your out of the ordinary ideas to the next level.

Check out the original crowdfunding campaign: click here.



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