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What the business industry wants you to know about crowdfunding

Leaders in the world’s digital industries are no strangers to crowdfunding and finding investors for their up and coming projects. 

If you are funding for yourself, for a friend, for family, or for a business, it’s important to let as many people know about your cause and why it means so much to the people involved. Do your research, give as many facts and stories as possible, and scour the internet for amazing examples that you can use to teach you success.


Techcrunch – 2017 Crowdfunding guide:

With tech becoming more impressive every year, this guide highly recommends kicking your new idea up a notch. Professionalism and a clean brand or product idea is essential. And, have proof of what you are working on, be able to show people who support you pictures and your progress.

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Fundable – From top to bottom:

The crowdfunding industry is no joke, raising over 3 Billion USD in capital. Turning your brilliant idea or campaign into a reality is possible with hard work, planned goals, and realistic expectations. Understanding the future of collecting and where your future donations will come from, means understanding who you are talking to in your campaign.

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The Balance – For beginners:

There are all types of raising funds in the crowdfunding world, from small private birthday party moneyboxes to starting a small business food cart. Knowing where you fit in and who will be there to support your project is essential.

Fit Small Business – 5 steps to success: 

Step by step, this list is perfect for small ideas with big potential. Being organised and being detailed in your descriptions will help strangers get a good idea of what you need and what you stand for. Adding updates, pictures, and stories that describe who you are helps people connect in a much more personal way.  You might even want to offer something in return for financial support.

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