Start saving for Your dream summer holidays

Now that the summer days are over and you start packing your beach gear into the garage, wouldn’t now be the best time to start planning on your next summer holiday?

The best way to get to your dream summer holiday is to start planning early and, planning means 2 things: consider the destinations you like to go to, then crowdfund and save for your next summer holiday with your friends and family.

Candystick moneyboxes can be used in many ways to raise funds and, one of the most exciting purposes is to create a moneybox on our crowdfunding platform to raise funds and save for that incredible get away!

So, consider these easy steps:

Easy steps to crowdfund for your holiday

Plan your trip and Create a moneybox on to Crowdfund for your dream summer holiday

Here are some examples of moneyboxes to inspire you to save for that amazing trip. These moneyboxes explain and describe the reasons why they are raising funds and how they are planning to use the money saved for their dream holiday. You too can use Candystick to get to your next destination of fun under the sun.

Here is a cool moneybox raising funds to offer underprivileged children proper summer holidays. Check it out!

Be it a weekend away with your loved one to planning a group holiday with friends and family – click the following link to create your moneybox on Candystick.

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