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For the family – May’s crowdfunding campaigns

From the Comrades 91 kilometer run to a man who has never given up hope, these families are all crowdfunding for their loved ones.

At Candystick, we see all types of crowdfunding campaigns that range from a few hundred rand to the very big bucks; all have their own unique angle that give us great pride in our platform’s ability to help people reach their goals.

This month, we feature three families who have dedicated their moneyboxes and crowdfunding resources to the people they are closest to. Family is everything and we hope all three go above and beyond their fundraising goals!

The Bravest Barry

In 1994 Barry’s life changed in an instant when was hijacked at gun point and shot in the neck. The actions of one person put Barry in a wheelchair for the rest of his life! From that day onwards Barry has been a quadriplegic, paralysed from his neck down and in need of 24h support by care givers. Despite the traumatic event Barry did not become bitter, angry or frustrated. Instead he retained his sense of humour and actively continues encouraging and helping total strangers who find themselves in similar situations.  Yes Barry did not stop helping others despite his difficult circumstances.

Unfortunately, last month, Tanie Joey Botes, Barry’s mom and a beloved member of her community, passed away leaving Barry without the usual care he receives. Brother Simon is now collecting on behalf of his incredibly spirited brother in hopes to keep Barry able to help and encourage others.

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Fanie runs for Dani

Daniel Ferreira is just 17 months old and has endured a year or chemo, lazer and lost an eye due to Retinablastoma being diagnosed when he was just 5 months old.   There are tumours behind his other eye and hence he’ll need more treatments, positive thoughts and prayers to save that eye!

Fanie runs with Dani’s dad Jose and volunteered to raise funds by running this years 90km run for Dani and encourages friends, family, colleagues and fellow comrade supporters to support Dani by making a small donation!

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A hip replacement for the world’s best dad 

Erica Smal’s dad is 62 years old, and has no medical aid. They have been going to a public hospital for consultations (each appointment 6 months apart) sadly with no solution.He is self-employed and despite all the discomfort and pain is still working every day. Now Erica’s dad has been on the prosthesis waiting list with no results for almost 3 years and they are not sure when his pain will be relieved. Currently, the family has been told that the surgery her dad needs urgently will cost R250,000 and they’ve turned to Candystick crowdfunding in hopes to help themselves help their dad.

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