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Crowdfunding in June: the Knysna fire

Crowdfunding came to the rescue, when hundreds of people were devastated by the Knysna fire.

Quite a few moneyboxes opened on and around the devastating fire in Knysna. Although this could be one of the most trying times in a person’s life, it’s incredible to see how people pull together to help one another.

Charl and Megs Knysna Fire Fund

crowdfunding charl and family

Dedicated to rebuilding their lives, Charl and Megs have a moneybox to collect for their family. Luckily the entire family was able to escape the fire, but everything was lost. Now, the family is sourcing help by crowdfunding from their local community.

This moneybox is now closed:


Blessing and family crowdfunding from fire








Blessing has lost everything, his daughter, his wife, his home. He’s opened a moneybox to attempt to rebuild his life after the devastating Knysna fire that took everything from him. Still living with hope, Blessing believes there’s still a chance of happiness even after this life changing disaster.

This moneybox is now closed:

The Hungry Caterpillar

hungry cat








A lifelong dream, The Hungry Caterpillar burned down completely in the Knysna fire.  Dozens of local families depended on the nursery and they are desperate for a way to rebuild. With contributions from the greater South African community, it might still be possible to reopen the daycare that influenced the lives of so many young children.

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