Crowdfunding Florence & Watson

Comedian Rob Van Vuuren uses crowdfunding platform to take his show international

South African comedian uses crowdfunding with Candystick to take his family friendly show to the Brighton Fringe Festival in England. 

We were lucky enough to touch base with well-known and very talented South African actor and comedian, Rob van Vuuren about his crowdfunding collection: Florence & Watson go to Brighton.

Rob van Vuuren uses Candystick to crowdfund

– What made you decided to pursue youth story telling after performing
in Shakespeare and on television?

The first job I got as a professional actor was in children’s theatre. I
remember the very first play I saw as a kid – I was transported. We also
have a 6 yr old daughter and we wrote the book and the show for her. A
return to children’s theatre was something I just had to do.

– What inspired you to create your show, Florence & Watson & the
Sugarbush Mouse?

Our daughter. We wanted to make something special that had as many of her
favorite things as we could fit in. She loves animals, music and adventure
and so we got to work on putting all of those things into a story that also
reflected our interest in the environment and the importance of self-esteem
in kids. We wanted to tell a story that was entertaining but that also
communicated an important message about how eco-systems are connected and
how, when solving really big problems, sometimes the smallest voices are
the most important.

– What can audiences expect when they sit down to see the show or read
the books?

It has a little bit if all of us as a family. It has Bijou’s light, Dani’s
heart and my sense of humor. It’s heartfelt, fun and touching.

– Can you give us a quick overview of what the show is all about?

The story is narrated by two honey badgers, Florence and Watson and is all
about a little striped mouse called Petal who lives in a village on a
magical mountain. The bees have disappeared and all of the villagers get
together to try and save the magical Sugarbush flowers that give the
mountain its power. However, no one seems to want to listen to Petal
because she is too small. Will Mayor Henry Hadeda and the rest of the
madcap animal villagers realize that Petal the little striped mouse
actually holds the power to save the village before it’s too late? You’ll
have to see the show to find out.

– Why do you want to bring Florence & Watson & the Sugarbush Mouse to

We are passionate about the environment, stories, literacy and children and
the further our message can reach the better. We are also very excited
about the opportunity to get a truly South African story to an
international audience and can’t wait to share the color, vibrancy and joy
of our play with kids at the Brighton Fringe.

– How can people get involved with the crowdfunding campaign to get you
to Brighton?

It pretty simple just click on our link and make a donation. Every cent
counts and helps us to cover basic costs like travel, accommodation,
advertising, registration fees etc. Traveling on Rands in the U.K. is
obviously a very costly affair and we unfortunately don’t have enough shows
to even cover basic costs through ticket sales but we felt that an
invitation to an international theatre festival was too good an opportunity
to pass up on. We are hoping that with the help of contributors through
Candystick that we can cover our most pressing costs and use the
opportunity to start bringing our little South African story to the rest of
the world.

– Where can we see the show and get the book in South Africa?

We come back from Brighton and go straight to The National Arts Festival in
Grahamstown. We are also in the process of setting up some shows and book
readings in Jhb, Cape Town, Dbn, PE, Plett and East London. Check out for more details.

– Is there anything else you’d like Candystick users to know about your
moneybox crowdfunding collection?

We have some pretty cool kickbacks for contributors. You can get copies of
the book, audio book and other Florence and Watson merchandise. My wife
Dani is a very talented photographer and there are a couple of options for
contributors to get photographic packages from her. There are also options
that include me doing a series of comedy workshops or private stand up
comedy shows.

The one that we most excited about though is the opportunity
for contributors contributing R5000 or more to purchase a performance of
Florence and Watson and the Sugarbush at the orphanage or children’s
charity of their choice. With that kind of support our contributors not
only give us the opportunity to take our South African can story to the
world but also help us let it continue to bring joy to kids in need at home.

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