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Crowdfunding videos to take notes from

Experts give their advice on the best ways to reach your goal when crowdfunding.

These top videos from around the globe will help you understand how to take your moneybox to the next level. Top business websites like CreatorUp and Inc., elaborate on the best use of your time, skills and community, in order to help yourself raise those much needed funds.


The best point here: be professional, use professional tools whenever available and quality over quantity; meaning use high-resolution photos and always triple check your content!

Kickstarter for Business:
Although Justin from CreatorUp is discussing how to excel at business on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding advice is solid; with great tips, like offering your supporters a feeling of involvement and a voice in your new business.

Easy to digest, this simple video offers attainable tips for the first time crowdfunder offering reliable suggestions like building your ‘lead list’ and creating a buzz around your new moneybox campaign.

Salvador Briggman:
Salvador is a longtime expert with his crowdfunding tips website, Crowdcrux. Here he discusses 3 simple ways to get your moneybox up and running, including making your story universal and relatable to your potential contributors.

Have your own collection for charity, gifts or fundraising, open a money box here.

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