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Candystick’s Crowdfunding Checklist

How to tick all your crowdfunding boxes for a successful campaign.

The power of crowdfunding is all about how much effort you put into raising awareness for your moneybox. The more you put in, the more you get out and the more potential donors see how dedicated you are to your cause.

It’s important to take time to set up your moneybox to crowdfund successfully, that’s why we’ve put together some crowdfunding tips that will help you meet your goals. From a honeymoon to raising funds for a local charity, these are the basics to get you started.

Set goals for your Crowdfunding Campaign:

Identifying what you need is vital. Of course, it’s tempting and exciting to ask for a big number, but the more realistic the goal the more likely you’ll reach it. You don’t want to intimidate a potential donor with a figure that is so outrageous they think their donation won’t even touch the sides of the bucket.

Ask yourself:
What is the funding for?
How long do I have to collect?
What is my target?
Is it personal or public?

Once you have these you are ready to open your new moneybox and start crowdfunding.

Making your Moneybox Fundraising Page:

Keep your page simple, but also explain all the necessary elements to your crowdfunding campaign.

Make it personal
Make it shine

  • Create visuals
  • Videos

Raise Funds by Leveraging your Community:

Share on social
Use your community

Contact news and press about your campaign:

If you have a great and moving story, try contacting local news stations.


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