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August’s crowdfunding campaigns

Spring can be beautiful and inspiring, giving people a feel good reason to crowdfund. In South Africa, the flowers bloom beautifully throughout the country, from the purple jacaranda trees to the lumo pinks and yellows up the west coast. 

FRATRES_P crowdfund

Designer Brothers 

Fratres was started by two brothers, who are producing a brand that does not only make you look good but also makes you stand out. While wearing their clothes you’ll feel excellent. With a goal to be financially independent, they want to build their company from the ground up and get their kick start through crowdfunding. and be an example to other young people. As they grow they are looking to create jobs and opportunities for those who are struggling.

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Ntando crowdfunds for Morocco 

NTANDO_MTSI crowdfund

Students from Westerford High School are headed to ‘world challenge’ in Morocco in September. Starting early Ntando is crowdfunding for 2018 so that she can join the trip and do her share of community development with her fellow students.Living like locals, she’ll be able to learn about the history and cultures of the area.

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End of year camp for learners

Rose_Act_Kids_23 crowdfunders

Rose-Act is based at the Central Johannesburg College, Alexandra Campus, where more than 250 students each year from Grades 4 – 9 are taught Mathematics and English. Students are rewarded for academic achievement throughout the year, but Rose-Act also provides social and spiritual enrichment through holiday clubs, an annual camp at the end of the year and extra mural activities.

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