6 things to keep in mind when creating a Moneybox

Some people would see crowd-funding as a “create-and-hope” campaign. There are many things you can do to help ensure that your campaign is successful, no matter what it is for. Below we will discuss some of these things you need to understand that will give your campaign a lift

crowdfunding guide

1. Trust

Without this you are dead in the water.  You are asking people to part with money and that is a very sensitive and difficult task, however gaining their trust is crucial. You can do so by personalizing your campaign.

2. Demystification

Crowdfunding can confuse people. People tend to assume that you have to be small and pitiful to deserve their help. Explaining, educating and being open is key toward overcoming this myth.

3. Reach the masses — and then iterate

Like e-commerce, crowdfunding can be a game of numbers. The more eyeballs the better. The more effectively you can convert each eyeball into a donator, the better. I would suggest using social media, digital marketing, and anything you can think of that will get people to your page.

4. PR and influencers

This may seem obvious to some, but a surprising amount of campaigns go live with a ‘build it and they will come’ approach. This pretty much only works if your database or following is huge. The chances of someone seeing your campaign and deciding to back it are tiny, there are so many barriers to overcome. Influencers are a relatively new career individual who has a large audience on social media or via a blog. They have a database that they too understand and can spread your story to further

5. A little help from my friends

Call on friend and family networks wherever applicable, not just in spreading the word or donating, but also in taking part in the campaign and helping to produce and market the campaign.

6. The power of a good story and leading with purpose and mission

No one will write about, read about and let alone support your project it if it is same-same and has no impact. Make sure that people are able to buy into, and feel with you.

There you have it, following these principles will assist in making sure that you will have a successful campaign.


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