Candystick Donation Methods

Hi There! I trust that you have had no problems creating and marketing your crowd-funding campaign and that all your efforts has or is paying off. This means you’re well on your to reaching your target goal! With regards to contributions through your moneybox and candystick link – we accept two methods. Firstly, we support credit … Read more

6 things to keep in mind when creating a Moneybox

Some people would see crowd-funding as a “create-and-hope” campaign. There are many things you can do to help ensure that your campaign is successful, no matter what it is for. Below we will discuss some of these things you need to understand that will give your campaign a lift 1. Trust Without this you are … Read more

Intergreatme sets Africa crowdfunding record

SA regtech startup company, Intergreatme has set what seemingly looks to be an African crowdfunding record. They achieved this by raising just over R28-million, just six days after the official launch of the campaign on Uprise.Africa. The startup was founded in 2016 by James Lawson, Dewald Thiart and Luke Warner —  has an identity management platform which provides users with control … Read more

Spending your Money Box

Spending Your Money Box Wondering how you can spend your Money Box once you have collected all of your contributions? Candystick offers two options – cashing out via bank transfer, and spending at one or more of partner stores. Depending on how you are using your Money Box, you may choose to do a cash out (at a … Read more