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Candystick was founded at the beginning of 2015 to try and improve the experience of group gifting within South Africa. Simply put, to facilitate the safe collection of money from friends, family and colleagues for gifts and events of your choice!

Our team is comprised of people with a variety of expertise, ranging from financial services to development to online marketing. What brings us together is a passion for our concept and our business. We work hard at trying to ensure that you get to feel the same way!

We also work with some of the top legal minds in this country who ensure that our website is up to date with the latest security features to ensure that your money is always safe with us!

We want to become the premier group-gifting platform in South Africa. We understand the importance and intimacy of the experiences, and know that beyond the gift itself, it’s a symbol for a relationship between a group of people and the lucky recipient. At the same time we recognise that collecting money for a special gift can be extremely strenuous and time consuming.

Therefore, the Candystick team will put all its energy and efforts into ensuring that you can make your contribution as personal as possible, whilst taking all the admin out of your life!

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